About Us

Who we are

D Big 5 as the name implies is a machine created and designed by seasoned networkers and entrepreneurs who have wet their hands in network marketing business both online and offline.
The creators of D Big 5 are passionate to remove the challenges that people face in the industry. Most often companies come up with bogus compensation plans and programme which becomes a tall order for the members to achieve. Thus making a lot of people to loose money.
This site is created to make people, especially Nigerian to recover from their lost over the years. Even a novice in network marketing business will make money here. We are committed Nigerians that wish to help our fellow brothers and sisters within the width and breath of our dear nation. We have honest intentions for our people. We are here to stay and last long.
We make bold to say that we want to proof book makers wrong that donation site don't last long. We will strive, our members will make money in the programme. This is a humanitarian service and we are committed to it.
This is not a ponzi scheme, neither a get rich quick programme. If that is your intention, this place is not for you. We will not condone cyber squatters, indolence, and procrastinators. Have a pleasant business.