Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is D Big 5?

    D Big 5 is a member to member donation site designed by seasoned entrepreneur and network marketers to assist people to raise fund to start business of their dreams.

  • How does D Big 5 works?

    When you join D Big 5, you are privileged to be in the community of like-minded people who are desirous of donating money among themselves perpetually to meet up with their business expectation. D Big 5 is a private site, to wit, you can only join through an invitation by a member. When you join you are going to be cycling fast over and over again. Remember, this is a 2 x 1 Force Matrix. No long chain of team.

  • How do I join D Big 5?

    Go to the person who invited you into the programme and join through his/her link or better still, if you stumbled on the site through our advert you can sign up direct.

  • How do I make my donation?

    All donations go to the member's bank account directly. When you her making your donation you will see the bank account of the member you are donating to displayed therein.

  • Is D Big 5 a worldwide business?

    For now this programme is only opened to Nigerian.

  • How many times will I received donation in the programme?

    The programme is design in such a way that you cannot determine the number of time you will receive donations. A member can cycle up to one, two, five, ten or twenty times a day or even more. Remember it is a follow my up line force matrix.

  • Can I have more than one account?

    You can have as many accounts as possible. You can even use the same email but different user name. Note that we do not allow for staking of accounts.

  • Are there any refunds?

    No there is no refunds as the donation goes into the member bank account directly. There is no cause for alarm since the programme is design to benefit all participants. You will make money here.

  • What happen if I don't make a donation?

    Any member that does not make a donation within 48 hours will be deleted. There is no hiding place here. This programme is for serious minded individuals who want to change their status from poverty to wealth.

  • Do I have to pay money to the site administrators?

    No hidden fee here, no nothing. You will come in here and make your money free of charge. The creators of the site are desirous of arresting and breaking the chain of poverty from willing members.